Art Direction & Consulting

Even established brands can benefit from brand realignment or a complete brand overhaul. Together, we will evaluate how your brand can better serve your audience through strategic visual marketing to unlock your brand’s true potential.


Why should I invest in a branding consultant?

Many emerging and established brands struggle with art direction but face the following dilemma – while hiring a full-time art director is costly and unnecessary, freelance graphic designers often stray from branding guidelines and do not deliver consistent work. A branding consultant is the perfect solution for brands that seek temporary professional help to refine their branding systems.



How long are your brand alignment programs?

Over a 8-14 week period, we will create or re-create your branding system and develop a library of print and digital templates to streamline your collateral and content production.


Here's how it works.

01 – Consultation & Proposal

After a full-length consultation discussing your branding objectives, we will prepare a proposal including timelines and deliverables to achieve said objectives in a 8-14 week period.

02 – Branding or Rebranding

We will follow these steps to create or re-create a branding system to align with your objectives. The resulting logo lock-ups and style guide will serve as a visual guideline for future collateral.

03 – Template Library

Over the course of 8-14 weeks, we will develop a library of print and digital templates for collateral production. This can range from invoice and other in-house document templates to newsletter and social media campaigns, all acutely aligned with our new branding guidelines.

04 – Hand-off

The last week of this program will be dedicated to training the in-house designer or designer hire on how to implement the new template library. We will ensure that your art department feels comfortable with the new templates and revised workflow before the end of the program.


What's included:

Full-length consultation
Primary and secondary logo lock-ups
15-page style guide PDF
Template library with up to 20 templates
Designer orientation & training

Timeline: 8-14 weeks