We are a boutique design studio based in Brooklyn. Our primary mission is to work with entrepreneurs and small businesses to help develop and realize their visual identity. 


What makes us different?

Elegance and timelessness are two things that we strive for in design. What sets The Denizen Co. apart from other studios is a steadfast commitment to create designs that truly stand the test of time. We offer brand identity, digital and print services through a comprehensive process that maximizes client input while unlocking the brand’s full visual potential.

If you are –

An individual looking to go freelance,

An entrepreneur looking to start a business,

An established brand looking to refine their look,

An established brand looking for design help, without the commitment of a full-time hire –

We may be a good fit. Get in touch with us.

Meet the founder –


Since 2013, Haruka Sakaguchi has been offering web and print design services for emerging brands to create compelling visual narratives for their target audiences. As founder and creative director of The Denizen Co., Haruka immerses herself in each of her client’s origin stories to conceptualize resonant designs that feel unique and authentic to them.

From humble beginnings in a small apartment in Vancouver, B.C., Haruka has since relocated her studio to Brooklyn, NY, and continues to work with creative entrepreneurs and small businesses from around the world to help visualize their dreams. As an entrepreneur herself, Haruka is passionate about working with businesses that add value or otherwise contribute a unique perspective to the world.