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We are a boutique design studio in New York City specializing in timeless and elegant branding, web design and art direction.


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Since 2013, The Denizen Co. has helped entrepreneurs and small businesses take their brand to the next level through strategic visual marketing and branding systems designed to connect them to their ideal client. Together, we will explore your brand's origin story and refine your visual narrative to help you engage with your audience in a meaningful and authentic way.

Elegance and timelessness are two things that we strive for throughout each design project. What sets The Denizen Co. apart from other studios is a steadfast commitment to create designs that truly stand the test of time.

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Client: Humble & Grand / Role: Branding, Web Design

Humble & Grand is an interior design studio + shop that offers styling and organization services for individual homes and sells artisanal goods through its curated online shop.

Cofounder Lauren Kellim of Humble & Grand approached us in 2018 to provide a more sophisticated and refined branding system that transcended the previous iteration of her online shop, Girl & The Abode. We decided to implement classic shapes and serif typefaces that felt timeless but also had a humble and delicate appearance.

Our main objective for Humble & Grand’s web design was not only to create a website that feels visually aligned with their updated branding system, but to also drastically improve the user experience of their eCommerce website. We implemented targeted CTAs on the front page, a Shop The Look section with shoppable images and product hot spots, and a mega menu complete with image slots for the primary navigation.

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