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French By Design is a lifestyle blog that explores French design aesthetics and principles through compelling interior photography. Founder Siham Mazouz is a French expat currently residing in San Francisco with an eye for eclectic interiors. Together, we refined her color palette and created a branding system that relies less on current design trends and honors the quiet elegance of her curated images.


The Branding

Founder Siham Mazouz of French By Design approached us in 2018 to create a more classic and timeless iteration of her blog with less trendy design elements. We sought to create a logo that imbued French romanticism – we wanted it to look like it could be found in the pages of a Parisian novel. This rebrand was well received by her audience, who had long been anticipating the release of Siham’s book.

keywords:  authentic, inspiring, fresh

keywords: authentic, inspiring, fresh

Web Design

Our main objective for French By Design’s new website was not only to create a design that visually aligned with her updated branding system but to transcend the sidebar format, which Siham’s blog had evidently outgrown. We organized her vast backlog of content into five neat categories and drafted a custom magazine layout that showcased the multiplicity of her content with a more engaging, editorial feel.

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