Imani Photo Co.


Imani Photo Co. is a fine art wedding photography company based out of Richmond, VA. Founder Nadiya Nacorda approached us for a brand refresh and web redesign to celebrate three years of running a thriving business. Together, we created a branding system and website that reflects her core values: intimacy, authenticity, and simplicity.


Branding & Web Design

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The Moodboard

keywords: intimate, authentic, simple

Founder Nadiya Nacorda of Imani Photo Co. approached us in 2018 to create a clean and minimal branding system that appealed to her multi-cultural and LGBTQ clientele. We decided to adapt circular shapes and a thin sans-serif typeface into an approachable logo to complement her inclusive, informal, and slightly quirky style.

The Branding

Our main objective for Imani Photo Co.’s web design was not only to create a website that feels visually aligned with her updated branding system, but to also read not as a photography portfolio but a full service vendor with future potential to add an eCommerce print shop. We added more targeted language about her work ethos and CTAs on the front page, organized her vast portfolio with a client focus, and added a customized contact form to allow potential clients to provide as much background context as possible.

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The Web Design