10 POC-Owned Brands That You Should Know About


According to a 2019 study by DiversityVC, only 22.9% of venture capital-backed businesses over the past five years were founded by POC founders. Still, minority founders are braving board meetings and working tirelessly everyday to bring their ideas to life. Here are 10 inspiring minority-founded brands that you should know about.



1. Proclaim

Founded by Shobha Philips, Proclaim is an eco-friendly nude lingerie brand specializing in fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. Daughter of South Asian-born parents and raised in the Midwest, Shobha founded Proclaim to make “nude” bras culturally inclusive. Their signature fabric is UTRUST-certified and BPA-free.

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2. Veque

Founded by Audrey Siu, Veque is a nail lacquer brand inspired by the Vietnamese-American founder’s nail-care lineage. Derived from the Vietnamese word that means “to journey home,” Veque is an homage to Audrey’s mother’s nail salon and the wave of Vietnamese refugees that came to America and found their foothold in nail care.

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3. Mahnal

Founded by designer Shayba Muhammad, Mahnal is a contemporary brass jewelry brand based in St. Louis. Inspired by natural forms and elements, Mahnal pieces are refined yet suitable for everyday wear and pay homage to “the gentle, insightful, and poetic beauty of Islam and the Arabic language.”

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4. Made Leather Co.

Founded by Lenise Williams in 2016, Made Leather Co. is a leather goods brand specializing in unisex fine leather goods handcrafted in Morocco.

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Founded by Cindy Hsu Zell in 2014, WKNDLA is a contemporary jewelry brand based in Los Angeles. Cindy’s handcrafted pieces “give the wearer the confidence to tell their story, encouragement to form new connections, and a reminder that we’re better together.”

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6. Fe Noel

Founded by Brooklyn-based designer Felisha Noel, Fe Noel is a clothing and lifestyle brand inspired by Felisha’s Caribbean heritage and family values. Felisha also runs the Fe Noel Foundation, a program that provides mentorship for young girls who are passionate about entrepreneurship.

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7. Selva Negra

Founded by Kristen Gonzalez and Sam Romero, Selva Negra is a Latina-owned clothing brand that blends bold femininity with tomboy flair.

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8. Mifland

Founded by Tobi Egberongbe, Mifland is a leather goods brand based in Atlanta known for high quality US-sourced leather and their signature “figure-eight” stitch, which ensures durability and strength.

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9. House of Aama

Founded by mother and daughter duo Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka, House of Aama is a clothing brand that explores the historical narratives of Black fashion, “with nostalgic references informed by historical research, archival analysis, and storytelling.”

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10. Wasi Clothing

Founded by Bolivian-American designer Vanessa Acosta, Wasi Clothing is a clothing brand featuring South American textiles. All textiles are personally sourced by Vanessa and handcrafted in Los Angeles.

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