10 Sustainable Brands That You Should Know About


Introducing a product into the marketplace comes with an inherent carbon footprint, whether it be in the form of wasteful packaging or environmentally harmful production practices. During an age when thousands of new startups surface every year, every business now has a moral responsibility to seek out sustainable ways to offer their products. Thankfully, we have these 10 sustainable brands to lead the way.



1. By Humankind

By Humankind is a personal care brand that offers high-performing products that come with refillable containers and convenient refills (with guaranteed free shipping!) to reduce our plastic footprint and save our planet from plastic waste. Even more, every $1 from a first-time purchase goes to removing plastic from the ocean.

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2. Amour Vert

Amour Vert – which means “green love” in French – is a sustainable clothing brand that offers signature eco-friendly fabrics like their biodegradable Beechwood Blend made from sustainably harvested beechwood fibers, their nontoxic OEKO-TEX certified Mulberry Silk and their Tencel fabric made from sustainably farmed eucalyptus trees.

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Hozen Vegan Leather Handbag.png

3. Hozen

Hozen – which means “conservation” in Japanese – is an accessories brand that offers thoughtfully designed bags that also boast eco-friendly, grain-based leather and suede, pineapple leaf fibers, recycled plastic and organic cotton twill lining, zippers and thread made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, natural rubber and remnant rope, recycled cotton labels, and packaging and hangtags made with recycled paper.

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Angela Roi Vegan Leather.png

4. Angela Roi

Angela Roi is a PETA-approved 100% vegan luxury handbag brand in New York that specializes in exquisitely designed handbags that are crafted using EPUL (Exquisite Polyurethane Leather), durable thread, and quality fabric. The poly material is processed multiple times to acquire their signature buttery soft vegan leather.

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Organic Basics Underwear.jpg

5. Organic Basics

Organic Basics is a sustainable clothing brand that specializes in thoughtfully designed apparel made from biodegradable Class A and B fibers. Their product offerings include solid colored clothing, intimates and eco-friendly personal care items.

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Blueland Eco Friendly Cleaner.png

6. Blueland

Blueland is an innovative lifestyle brand that offers a literal “pill” solution to cleaning products traditionally sold in disposable plastic containers. Upon first purchase, customers will receive a reusable bottle with a powerful cleaning tablet. Fill the bottle with water and drop in your tablet – within minutes, you will have a nontoxic zero-waste household cleaner.

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KOTN is a sustainable clothing brand that specializes in modern classics for men and women made from ethically sourced Egyptian cotton. According to their traceability report, they work closely with farmers and factories in Egypt with no middlemen and have decreased the amount of water used in their fabric dyeing processes by using recycled wastewater.

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Brandless Toilet Paper.jpg

8. Brandless

Brandless is home & lifestyle brand that offers a curated collection of minimally designed sustainable products like organic, fair trade, or gluten-free food, tree-free paper products, non-toxic and refillable cleaning supplies, and clean beauty and personal care products.

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Fame and Partners Wedding Dress.png

9. Fame & Partners

Fame & Partners is a made-to-order clothing brand that specializes in sleek and modern everyday essentials and special occasion dresses for women. A purveyor of custom, zero-waste clothing, Fame & Partners combats overproduction in the fashion industry by only making their clothes to order, but offering customers a quick turnaround time (as fast as 7-10 days!)

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Lo and Sons Handbag.jpg

10. Lo & Sons

Lo & Sons is an accessories brand that offers thoughtfully designed weekenders, bags and wallets geared toward working professionals. Their Recycled Poly Collection features a technical fabric made from recycled plastic bottles and their Organic Canvas Collection is made from limited-supply cotton, grown without pesticides or chemicals. As of 2019, 15% of their products are made from eco-friendly materials.

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