Office Music To Improve Focus And Productivity


Music can be a saving grace for the solo freelancer who sits behind a desk, alone, for 10+ hours a day. The right background music will boost your morale while helping you focus on the task at hand. It will liven up otherwise daunting tasks like answering emails and sorting out receipts. Below is a list of links and apps that provide free background music and white noise for the studio or office, specifically designed to improve your focus and productivity:




This website offers an array of natural sounds that you can pull up on your desktop while you work. "Foggy Stream" and "Fireplace" are my go-to favorites! They have since evolved into a wellness community offering various meditation and sleep programs.

2. BGM Channel

This Japanese YouTube channel offers a vast library of free instrumental office music. Any of the "cafe" tracks are a good way to start off the work day, followed by a more laid-back Hawaiian guitar track in the afternoon. Close off the evening with one of their "evening jazz" tracks or a yoga/meditation track to ease into the night.

3. Noisli

This website offers white noise that you can layer and customize to your liking. Although a bit setup-intensive for my liking, this is a great option for those of you who are looking to find a perfect audio counterbalance to drown out distractions.

4. Coffivity

If you enjoy the quiet chatter of a coffee shop but can't bring yourself to spend $9 on a latté, Coffivity is your friend. This website offers loop tracks of tinkling mugs and quiet chit chat that make you feel like you are working outside of your office.

5. Brian Eno

My go-to artist whenever I am working on creative projects that require razor-sharp focus is Brian Eno. His albums Music For Airports and Thursday Afternoon are both hour-long collections of soothing ambient tracks blending seamlessly into the next.