Studio Essentials: Coffee (or Tea) Mugs


Coffee mugs: the tiny vessels of sustenance we cling onto every morning as we get to work. We spend the better half of our mornings with them – I, admittedly, hold onto them much later into the day. Since coffee mugs are as much a studio staple as our laptops and desktop computers, why not get a little creative? Below is a small collection of unique and beautifully crafted mugs that we've handpicked, just for you.



1. The Boob Mug by Cimino Ceramics
2. Tenshi Coffee Mug by Humble Ceramics
3. Slate Mug by Ghost Wares
4. Theo Mug with Coaster by Stelton
5. Mug Cup in Natural by Hasami Porcelain
6. Mug Cup by Takashi Endoh
7. OCT Mug by Kinto
8. White Camp Mug by Rachel Saunders