4 Ways To Switch Your Brain Off After A Long Day


Thanks to the advent of 24/7 communication, many of us find it difficult to turn our brains off after the work day ends. Here are 4 after work rituals to signal to your brain, “Work is over!” to ensure that you spend the rest of the evening getting the rest that you need.



1. 4-Minute Yoga

Yes, that is a thing. YogaStudio is an app that features a wide variety of yoga classes categorized by ability, purpose, a specific body part, and yes – length. Of course, a grueling 30-minute yoga session after work is ideal, but even a 4-minute long cycle of sun salutations is a good way to signal to your brain that the work day is over. This ritual is ideal for those who struggle to fit in a full workout session after work, but still crave the mental transition from work to rest.

2. A Go-To Podcast

Are you a commuter? The commute back home from work is already a clear signal that the work day has ended – maximize these important moments by listening to a designated “after work” podcast. Staying up to date with the news cycle is important, but we recommend that you opt for something a little more lighthearted, like Another Round, Being Boss, or 2 Dope Queens to give your brain a chance to relax.

3. Read A Magazine

Remember magazines? The paper kind with a front and back? Unlike work emails and spreadsheets, magazines are purposefully designed to spark joy and relay information in the most intuitive way possible. Subscribe to a magazine on a topic – work-related or not – that you have a genuine interest in. Take these quiet moments after work to disengage from your to-do list and learn about a new topic.

4. Lift Some Weights

We can hear you groaning, “Weights???” Hear us out. Though both aerobic (i.e. cardio) and anaerobic (i.e. weight-lifting) exercises are associated with better health and mood enhancement, anaerobic exercises – especially heavy lifting – demands complete mental attention in a way that, say, trudging along on a treadmill doesn’t. Lifting weights is a good way to switch from worrying and ruminating about your day to being more present throughout the rest of your evening.

ProductivityHaruka Sakaguchi