Holiday Gift Guide for the Designer


We all have that friend – the artistic type who is very particular about the clothes she wears, the accessories she owns, her overall presentation. Though she may be a trusty confidante when it comes to picking out a tasteful rug for your apartment, she is also the most difficult one to shop for during the holiday season.

Fear no more. We have compiled a gift guide particularly for that artsy, design-conscious friend of yours. Why? Because er, it takes one to know one.


Bear Ltd.

Perform Essential Vitamins with Vitamin B12 + Bacopa, $90AUD

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Pour Over Coffee Set, $28-98

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WMS & Co.

Notebooks with Rose Gold Edging, $16

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Madam Stoltz

Cutlery - Set of 4 Gold, $35

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Bellocq Tea Atelier

No. 105 Hanayaka Kousyun, $48

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The Nue Co.

Sleep Kit, $70

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Dona Chai

Combo Pack, $26

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Karst Stone Paper

Lined Softcover Notebook, $26.95

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Tammy Luk

11.3 Card Holder, $75

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Yoon Young Hur

Porcelain Paper Clay Dish, $75

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Apothecary Hand Wash, 39EUR

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Clark & Dumbo

Verbena Scented Lava Rocks, $72

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