How To Choose The Right Template for Your Squarespace Website

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Choosing a template from the vast array of Squarespace templates out there can feel overwhelming, especially when you have no idea what you want your website to look like. Review this checklist to make sure that you are choosing the right template for your Squarespace website.


1. Review Squarespace’s global features.

All Squarespace templates have a common set of features that you can implement on your site, no matter what template you choose. If there is a specific feature that you must have on your website, check to see if it’s a global feature before pouring through hundreds of demo sites.

Some of these features include:

  • Blogging capabilities

  • eCommerce

  • Adding Cover Pages

  • Access to Squarespace’s built-in content management tools like content blocks, analytics options, and site settings.

  • Ability to customize colors and fonts, and more.

2. Establish your website’s purpose.

If you had to distill your site’s purpose to one thing, what would it be? Is it a blog that educates readers? Is it a shop that sells products or services? Is it a portfolio that showcases your work? Or is it a business website that provides information about your services or organization? This is a crucial step because no matter how much you may like a template, you will quickly outgrow it if it doesn’t align with your site’s purpose.

Below are some template recommendations for each:

3. See how much customization is possible.

Some people want maximum customization so they can tweak their website to perfection. Others want a more streamlined template so they can set up their website as quickly as possible. Choose 2-3 templates that fulfill the first two items on our checklist and refer to Squarespace’s template guides to see exactly how much customization is possible.

Pro tip: Any template in the Brine family offers the most customization!

4. Start from scratch, or almost scratch.

If the template you have in mind is perfect except for a few pages here and there, consider adding a Layout page or Cover page within an existing template. These are basic and flexible pages that you can build from the ground up and customize using Squarespace’s drag-and-drop platform.

As a last resort – if there is no template that fits your brand’s needs, use Squarespace’s Custom Template to build a template from the ground up.


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