Font Catalog

Font Catalog


Wondering what fonts you should use for your brand’s website or graphics? Determining a header and body font for your brand can take the guesswork out of font-picking and help you develop a cohesive visual identity for your business.

Download our PDF booklet which includes 100+ designer-approved header and body font pairings carefully curated by our team here at The Denizen Co. Each font can be downloaded via Google Fonts or Typekit so you can implement the fonts right away and get a head-start on branding your business.

highlights –

  • 100+ header and body font pairings carefully curated here at the studio with the emerging entrepreneur in mind.

  • The majority of the fonts in the booklet can be downloaded for free via Google Fonts. We have also included a small selection of Typekit fonts, for those with an Adobe CC subscription.

  • Format: PDF booklet, 110 pages

program requirements –

  • None.

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