Web Design

Once we have established a strong visual identity, we will introduce your brand to the digital realm. Thoughtful web design and well-placed digital content can help you establish a unique online presence and engage meaningfully with your audience.


Why should I invest in web design?

In an increasingly digital world, your website is often a potential customer’s very first encounter with your brand. A common problem amongst emerging brands is that they start off with a generic website theme that they eventually outgrow. Investing in a custom web design ensures that your website is acutely aligned with your brand and is customized to fit your brand’s specific needs.



Does the package include development?

No. However, we would be happy to recommend a trusted developer to carry out the development phase of this project, or work with a developer that you recommend.



What web builders do you use?

At the moment, we mainly work on Wordpress, Squarespace and Shopify sites.



How do I know which web builder is right for me?

If the primary purpose of your website is to sell goods, we recommend Shopify. If your website has another purpose, please refer to our breakdown of Wordpress and Squarespace websites here.



Is there a budget-friendly alternative to a fully custom web design?

Yes! For those who do not require a fully custom web design, we offer Theme Modification Packages. This entails making style changes on an existing Squarespace, Wordpress or Shopify theme to customize the look and feel of the website. Please do note that the scope of changes are generally limited to typefaces, colors, and structural layouts according to the theme’s default parameters. Clients are responsible for purchasing their own base theme.


Here's how it works.

01 – Visual Research

First, we will create a collaborative Pinterest moodboard to exchange ideas on color and typography that reflects the brand.

02 – Style Guide

Based on our finalized moodboard, we will create a style guide PDF complete with typeface, color, and photography recommendations.

03 – Concepts

Based on our style guide, we will submit an initial round of wireframe concepts. Through 2-3 rounds of revisions, we will refine the web concepts to match your vision.

04 – Delivery

The final web design concepts will be delivered in .psd, along with all visual assets, stock image licenses and logo files.


What's included:

PSD custom web design concepts
2-page style guide PDF

Timeline: 4-5 weeks + development