10 Female-Founded Brands That You Should Know About


In 2018, female founders in the US only raised 2.2% of the $130 billion total in venture capital money invested over the year. Still, talented women are building businesses and raising capital everyday to bring their ideas to life. Here are 10 inspiring female-founded brands that you should know about.



1. The Citizenry

Founded by Rachel Bentley and Carly Nance in 2014, The Citizenry is a globally-inspired home decor brand that specializes in one-of-a-kind goods handmade by artisan partners around the world.

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2. Eloquii

Founded by Mariah Chase in 2013, Eloquii is an e-commerce fashion retailer that serves plus-size women who crave runway inspired style at an accessible price – because fashion doesn’t stop at size 12.

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3. Potli Shop

Founded by Christine Yi and Felicity Chen, Potli offers premium hemp infused products to “to help you live a high-functioning, self-caring life.”

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4. Haute Hijab

Founded by Melanie Elturk in 2010, Haute Hijab is a hijab brand that offers comfortable, quality hijabs for Muslim women. Their 2018 Luxury Collection was featured on Elle, Glamour, and Vogue Arabia – putting hijabs on the fashion forefront.

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5. Malka Dina

Founded by Elana Noy, Malka Dina is a handmade home goods brand based in Brooklyn that offers thoughtfully crafted ceramic jewelry, art, and homewares.

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6. YOLA Mezcal

Founded by Lykke Li, Yola Jimenez and Gina Correll, Yola Mezcal is a mezcal brand based in San Juan del Rio, Oaxaca. Their bottling facility employs only women.

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7. BKR

Founded by Tal Winter and Kate Cutler in 2011, BKR is a beauty brand that specializes in goods that promote hydration and wellness, including stylish water bottles and hydrating lip balms.

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8. Daughter of the Land

Founded by Ashley Spierer, Daughter of the Land is a skincare line dedicated to organic single ingredient formulas and fair trade packaging.

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9. Mented Cosmetics

Founded by KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson in 2017, Mented Cosmetics is a makeup line made specifically for women of color. Their lipsticks are vegan, paraben-free, non-toxic and cruelty free. 

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Founded by Sara Berks in 2013, MINNA is a home goods brand that partners with master weavers in Mexico, Guatemala, Uruguay, and Bolivia to bring high quality textiles to the modern home.

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