How To Take A Quality Headshot For Your About Page


Having a good headshot is a crucial part of building your business and establishing rapport with your audience. That being said, setting the scene for a quality headshot can be challenging for non-photographers. Not to worry – we’ve got your back! Here are 4 simple ways to take a good quality headshot for the About page on your website.



1. Use diffused lighting

Harsh lighting – like direct sunlight on your face – can result in undesirable shadows and is generally unflattering for most people. That’s why photographers use scrims and light modifiers to diffuse the light that falls on your face. You can DIY this by standing by a window and draping a sheer white curtain over it, or shooting on a cloudy day.

2. Pose at a 45 degree angle

Your headshot can feel a little stark if you stand facing directly towards the camera. Pose at a 45 degree angle and avert your gaze toward the lens. Make sure you’re angling your body towards the light source (i.e. the window), so the camera picks up the light in your eyes.

3. Give your arms something to do

We’ve all seen the stock photo headshot of a stiff business man standing awkwardly with his arms crossed. We want to avoid this. If there’s a wall or surface available near your light source, lean on it. Give your arms something to do by draping it over a chair or railing. A headshot looks the most natural when the sitter is engaged with the environment, not standing in isolation.

4. Shoot in your “habitat”

Unless you are shooting up against a wall or seamless backdrop, your shooting environment is key. Choose a setting that feels like a natural habitat to you. Are you a carpenter? Shoot in your workshop. Are you a ceramicist? Shoot in your studio. Are you a lawyer? Shoot in your office. Trust us – shooting in an environment that you feel comfortable in will result in a compelling and natural-looking headshot.