4 Ways To Streamline Client Onboarding


So your marketing magic pays off and you get an inquiry. Congratulations! Now what? Here are 4 ways you can streamline your client onboarding process to ensure that you guide them seamlessly from an initial inquiry to a completed contract.



1. Use Canned Responses

First impressions are important. The last thing you want to do is scrap together a response to an inquiry while you’re on your way to a meeting, rife with spelling errors and missing information. Gmail has a handy function called canned responses, where you can insert previously saved copy to a reply email. Instead of hastily typing the same response for the umpteenth time, compose a professional and detailed response once and send it to every inquiry that comes your way. This will save you hours of time.

2. Send A Pricing Booklet

Hopefully, your client replies to your inquiry response and you have an ongoing dialogue. Then comes the question – “So how much do you cost?” Pricing can be an awkward conversation, even for the seasoned entrepreneur. Compile your services, packages and rates into a beautifully designed pricing guide PDF to email over to your clients so you can skip the back-and-forth. You can make your own or download a customizable template from our shop.

3. Setting Up A Meeting? Use Calendly

Whether your business is online or offline, chances are, you will be setting up an introductory meeting with your client at some point. Skip the back-and-forth emails and sign up for Calendly. This handy website allows you to set up an online calendar with your availability so clients can book meetings straight from their computer. Once a client books, the meeting details will automatically sync to each person's Google Calendar, so theres no room for confusion – even if there’s a time difference! What’s better – basic features are free.

4. Ready to sign the contract? Use DocHub

Let’s face it – less and less people own printers nowadays. As a service provider, it is your job to make this final and vital step as painless as possible. Draft up your contract and upload the PDF to DocHub, a website that allows you to send and receive electronic signatures. Users can type their name or upload their handwritten signature – either way, signatures collected on DocHub are authenticated via the ESIGN Act and are legally binding. The service is free for up to five documents a month.

FreelancingHaruka Sakaguchi