6 Wellness Apps To Work Into Your Day


Whether your week consists of standing on your feet or sitting in front of a screen for 10+ hours a day, remaining static for long periods of time takes a significant toll on your well-being. Below are our favorite wellness apps that we integrate into our work day to ensure that our hustle doesn’t impact our health.



1. Headspace

Headspace is an app that teaches you how to meditate. Sign up for free and you will have access to a 10-day step-by-step tutorial on guided meditation. Complete with beautifully animated videos, this app breaks down meditation in an approachable and comprehensive way while giving you the tools to build a solid foundation for your practice.

2. WaterMinder

When you’re logging long caffeine-fueled hours at the office, the last thing on your mind is staying hydrated. WaterMinder is an app that reminds you to drink water and helps you track your daily water intake. Simply calculate your daily hydration goal and set up a notification on your device. It only takes 21 days to create a healthy habit – why not start today?

3. Stand Up!

Did you know that the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle can be largely reversed, just by standing up every half hour? Stand Up! is a flexible work break timer that reminds you to do just that, but with many adjustable features to fit your needs. Taking short, frequent work breaks helps boost focus too, which means not only will you live longer, but you’ll get a lot more done during the day.

4. SleepCycle

As we discussed in a previous post, the key to feeling rested in the morning is to wake up during your lightest sleep phase. The Sleep Cycle app tracks your sleep patterns via motion detection overnight and wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase. According to the Guardian, “the result is so gentle and lovely it feels like being woken up by a mermaid stoking your hair or a unicorn nuzzling your toes.”

5. Elevate

Feeling sluggish, or that you’re not your sharpest self? It happens. Your brain is a muscle, and you may be underutilizing it or only working a select area on a regular basis. Elevate is an innovative cognitive training tool designed to boost productivity and build communication and analytical skills. With 35+ games, you can improve your reading, writing, speaking, and even math skills during your down time.

6. Flora

Staring down at your phone can take a toll on your physical (hello, text neck syndrome!) not to mention mental and emotional health. Flora is an app that gently urges users to put down their phones. You can play by yourself or with friends to plant and grow a tree every time you want to stay present. The app even has incentives that you can set up – when you let a tree die in the game, for example, you pay to plant one in real life!