Idyll Studio Co.




Idyll Studio Co. is a floral design studio based in Sydney, Australia that specializes in artistic and intentional floral arrangements inspired by the Japanese art of wabi sabi. Idyll Studio Co. redefines the floral landscape by aestheticizing natural imperfections and showing that luxury can be achieved with less.


The Branding

When founder Ha Tran shared with us that she wanted to introduce the Japanese concept of wabi sabi into the wedding floral industry, we knew that we would be a great fit. While grandiose weddings that prioritize scale over style dictate the visual norm, Ha wanted to reach millennial women who prefer a more minimal setting with thoughtful details and elegant styling. Over the weeks, we created a branding system inspired by the calla lily to iconize Ha’s pared down, effortlessly distinct floral arrangements.

Keywords: delicate, thoughtful, artistic

Keywords: delicate, thoughtful, artistic

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