Studio Essentials: Coffee Alternatives


Though coffee lovers swear by the magic of their daily java boost, some find the subsequent crash hard on their minds and systems. Thankfully, there are many coffee alternatives cropping up nowadays that give you the same boost of energy with a much more consistent high throughout the work day.




MUD\WTR is a coffee alternative consisting of organic ingredients like cacao, masala chai, turmeric, lion’s mane, and reishi mushrooms. With 1/7th the caffeine of coffee, this aromatic powder gives you clean, natural energy– without the jitters afterwards.

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RASA is a rich and nutty coffee alternative powered by adaptogens. They offer three delicious herbal blends with varying levels of caffeine from zero to 35mg (which is 1/5 of a regular 8oz cup of coffee) to suit your needs. Drink a cup of Rasa everyday to feel the cumulative effects of adaptolove!

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The Nue Co.

The Nue Co. offers supplements designed to target a variety of modern day stressors, like lack of energy, low immunity, skin conditions, or gut health. Their Energy powder is powered by adaptogens to help relieve caffeine addiction while leaving you feeling energized all day.

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Golde is a Brooklyn-born brand that specializes in superfood-boosted essentials for health and beauty. Their Turmeric Tonic Blend is a chocolate-y mood-regulating coffee alternative made of turmeric, coconut, ginger, and organic raw cacao powered by essential vitamins like iron, magnesium, and calcium.

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DONA is a wellness brand that specializes in spice-based tea concentrates & sodas. Their Turmeric Concentrate is a vegan and gluten-free coffee alternative made of freshly ground turmeric, pink peppercorn, ginger, allspice, lemongrass, and black pepper. Mix equal parts with milk and you have a lightly sweetened, deliciously spicy latte that will gently power you throughout the work day.

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Elements offers wellness tonics made with clinically-effective levels of adaptogens. They target four modern stressors – fatigue, distraction, occasional stress, restlessness – and offer herbal tonics powered by adaptogens to help quell these symptoms. The Vitality tonic, powered by Ginseng and Rhodiola, is a great way to jumpstart your day or to get that pre-workout boost. Just add a few drops to a glass of water and stir.

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Brain Buzz Wylde One.png

Wylde One

Wylde One is a wellness brand that specializes in “functional food”, or foods that are as beneficial for your body as supplements but delivered in the form of everyday foods. Their Brain Buzz is a caffeine-free, vegan and gluten-free coffee alternative powered by all-natural nootropics and adaptogens to enhance concentration, mental clarity, alertness, memory and overall cognitive function.

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