Squarespace Template Installation

Squarespace Template Installation


Our professionally designed Squarespace templates can be set up via a step-by-step video tutorial in under two hoursbut we get it. Some of us just don’t have the time. Purchase one of our Squarespace templates and leave the installation to us!

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Let us do the work for you.

After the installation is complete, you will have a website that looks identical to the demo site of your chosen template with placeholder text and images. From there, all you have to do is customize the website with your own copy and images.

Are you an emerging entrepreneur? Do you want to launch a beautiful and functional website in a week? Explore our collection of Squarespace Kits to get started.

Important notes –

  • Lead time: a few hours. Installation is typically scheduled 4-5 business days after we receive your inquiry and all required information.

  • Please note that this service requires us to ask you for your Squarespace login credentials to access the site.

  • Please be aware that while we’re installing the template, your site will be on Under Construction mode for a few hours. Please plan accordingly.

  • This service does not include customization, site migration, or domain name changes. If this is what you’re looking for, see our Squarespace Template Customization service for more information.

Installation requirements –

  • Login credentials to your Squarespace account

  • Order number for your purchased Squarespace kit

Want your template customized?

Want us to install and customize this Squarespace template to fit your brand? Take a look at our Squarespace Template Customization service.

Here’s how it works –


Fill in the form so we can get all the information we need for the installation.


Once we have your information, we will follow up within 2 business days to set an installation date.


After the installation, add in your own copy and imagery to customize your website.


Set a launch date. You will have a beautiful and functional website in as little as a week.


Have questions?

Visit our FAQ page or email us at shop@thedenizenco.com.